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Asia Spa Retreat Ltd.

Asia Spa Retreat provides a range of women only, fully hosted tours to exotic destinations throughout Asia and the Pacific. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that these locations reflect our vision of a stress free environment that promotes utter relaxation, sophisticated shopping, fine dining and culinary delights.

Location: Melbourne, Saigon and London.


Tel :+61 412 645 562 (Melbourne), +44 20 8570 8513 (London)


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Schools World Cups Ltd.

A new concept of International Sporting Events and which is open to Students from all schools and Universities from all over the world. These events cover most major sports and the winning team become the “World Champions” (Schools World Cup winners). This concept is developed from many years of successfully organising Schools, and other major International sporting events throughout the world, by members of the Schools World Cups Committee.

Location: London


Tel: +44 20 8570 8513 (London)

Website: (currently under redevelopment)

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